Why your Website Matters to Potential Candidates

By February 13, 2017Hiring Talents

As all industries shift to a more digital space, it’s understood that creating a website that is only functioning will not suffice. Today a website needs to visually represent the mission and spirit of a company to connect with customers.

Additionally, job seekers are just as pressed for time as clients; a website that does not function smoothly on mobile platforms just will not cut it when you’re looking to recruit top candidates. Because of the intense market competition and the skills gap, companies need to offer candidates more than just money. A website that showcases for candidates the benefits and perks of joining your firm will go miles in terms of attracting the best talent.

It should also be noted that by creating flashy job ads and descriptions on your website is another great tactic to bringing in great talent. Money isn’t the only deciding factor for today’s jobseekers–employers need to show personality and benefits for their adverts.

At EnergyPowerLab in the second step of the recruiting process we share your employer information with candidates – if your website, either mobile or desktop, is not up to snuff you may lose out on candidates that have already shown an interest and capability to fill the position.