What to Include to Attract Jobseekers

By February 13, 2017Blog, Hiring Talents

Maybe now you’ve recognized that you could devote more effort to bolstering a web presence attractive to job seekers, what should you be sure to include that candidates most want to see?

Emphasize your company strengths You might do this by highlighting specific team projects that have ended in success, or show off the growth over the past year thanks to your great employees. If you have the happiest employees or you excel in winning bids and projects, market these strengths. By highlighting your best work you’re giving honest marketing a try, and this will result in candidates already aligned to your strengths looking to work with you.

Provide benefits

Wherever you can, provide benefits to your employees. Make this package as attractive as possible and include an outline of the basic package on the jobseekers section of your site. People know when they’re getting a good deal, so show off how great the package is and don’t short-change them. A great, well-marketed benefits package is attractive to candidates, and present employees will appreciate it as well, resulting in higher morale and lower turnover – another attractive feature for job seekers.

Cater to the needs of the workforce With the large skills gap in the energy sector, employers are finding it more and more necessary to cater to their workforce. Our advice is during the hiring process speak with job seekers frankly about their professional goals and help create a pathway for them to achieve them. They will feel more comfortable and supported and more likely to remain loyal to your company. Additionally, if they’re five year plan is not to stick around, you’ll know in advance. We recommend creating a graphic showing the progression of employees through your company, from hiring process to 6 months employed to highlight how well they’ll be supported bother personally and professionally within your company. Including this on your website will attract potential employees.

Be honest

This should go without saying, yet we’re saying it. Just like many candidates try to exaggerate on their CVs, many companies exaggerate the environment they offer to employees. We say the same thing to businesses we find doing this as we do to candidates – this is a waste of everyone’s time! And for businesses this poses a much greater reputational risk than it does for candidates. Deceptive actions are a plague to recruiting quality employees and to company morale.

Show your current and potential employees respect by being straightforward, communicating directly and keeping them in the loop of the business process. When building your website, don’t add a page just increase your page links. Keep your website honest, straightforward and attractive and you’ll have much more success competing for top-quality candidates.

At EnergyPowerLab we offer recruitment services and consulting to help your reach the best candidates in your market. Contact us to start a candidate search or, as discussed today, review your website to best optimize it for catching the eye of top talent. We’ll help you highlight where you can best showcase your traits and how you can stand out from other firms chasing the same talent.