What can employers do to motivate employees?

One of the strongest qualities of a good leader is one who can motivate and inspire rather than force or instill fear. It is essential for employees of supervisory roles to incorporate motivation tools when governing their team. Employers can start by requesting self-evaluation by employees which is one of the dimensions of assessing performance. Managers must keep an eye out for signs demotivated employees. Less motivated workers may not put forth any effort which is needed to contribute to the company’s success. Serious motivation problems can lead to negligent work and repetitive mistakes that can affect a company’s customer base and reputation overall. Acquiring motivational tools is one of the primary responsibilities of all individuals in a managerial role.

Giving employees new responsibilities and training opportunities

When employees learn new tasks on the job, it can prove to be encourage challenge which is mentally stimulating. Redundant work and same daily routines will not provide any motivation for an employee to challenge her or himself. Acquiring new knowledge and responsibility is viewed as a development in one’s career which just as much as financial compensation carries its value. Cross training allows an employee to learn how to do another employee’s job across a different department and also adds a new lens to how work is done. This is just as beneficial to an organization. Any sudden employee departures can be temporarily filled by any of the remaining employees.

Praise the Employee!

A supervisor taking time out to acknowledge an employee’s work is an easy way to motivate and increase employee wellbeing. The best of leaders understand the value of praise as a motivational tool. We all need to be appreciated. Any demotivating words can lead to a lowering of an employee’s self-esteem which is definitely affect his or her productivity.

Recognition of Superior performance

Offering awards and recognition speeches in company monthly meetings can be a great tool to motivating employees to increase their productivity. This will also motivate others to follow a suite which is beneficial to company’s overall performance and efficiency.

Get them involved in top Management’s Vision

Good companies often have ambitious growth plans and strategies. Some plans that would not jeopardize its competitiveness can be discussed and shared with employees for feedback. Getting different perspectives can be very beneficial to a company’s development as well as make an employee feel like he/she carries an important role in an organization. Besides, much more efficiency can be reached when everyone is moving in the same direction.

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