Ways to cut your time-to-hire (part 1)

By September 6, 2017Blog, Hiring Talents

Recruiting a new member of your team can seem like a long, time consuming process and at the same time a critical moment where you need to act fast. This week at Energy Power Lab we present part one of a new series where we will be giving you tips on how to get through the recruitment process swiftly and efficiently from A to Z.

Communication and transparency with your candidates are essential in cutting your time-to-hire. It is important from the very beginning to be as open as possible with what you are looking for by including as much information as possible in a job posting, especially in an industry such as ours where specific expertise is so important! Potential salary, essential qualifications, conditions of employment and a timeline for interviews, trials and when the job will begin are all things that potential applicants will be looking to discover straight away. In providing this information you will not only cut the number of applications you will have to work through (you will receive fewer under-qualified or inappropriate candidates), but you will also reduce the chances of a potentially successful candidate dropping out later on.

As the recruitment process continues, transparency and communication become even more important. Leading up to an interview, applicants will want to be able to learn as much as they can about your company, to get a feel of whether they would be a good fit. A relationship of honesty and openness between employer and employee begins even before the moment of employment, and this should be nurtured as early as possible as candidates are most likely to withdraw their application if they do not feel a positive relationship between the recruiter and themselves.

However, don’t forget that extending this relationship to all applicants is important! Informing candidates that they have been unsuccessful in their application may seem like an easy time saver, but it can instead create a negative image of your company and deter future applicants, therefore complicating your recruitment process in the long-term.

Remember this is an anxious time for candidates, so being proactive and positive will reassure them, meaning your perfect employee will not slip away!

Implementing these tips will help you attract industry talents, but nothing will bring them in as quickly as taking advantage of EnergyPowerLab’s large candidate pool and long experience in recruitment for the energy industry. Get in touch with us today to start a new job search or talk to us about our consulting services.