The Role of Social Media in Recruitment

The role of social media in the organizational environment has been a hot topic for a few years now and the evolution of its impact has yet to be realized. One thing is certain: it isn’t going away.

Many have claimed that social media will soon render recruitment agencies obsolete because thanks to services like Linkedin or Xing applicant databases are essentially available to all. With a setup like that, in theory a company has access to all the candidates they need and no longer should need to use a go-between like a recruitment agency.

In reality the dawn of the social media age has created a much more complex situation rather than simplifying it. Studies have shown that candidates now are less proactive in their job searches, whether it be contacting companies directly or getting their CV in the hands of a recruiter. Instead, candidates now expect more for companies to come to them; they expect to be recruited. However because of the extensive selection of filters available, the potential of many candidates can be missed by companies searching ineffectively. By searching for candidates that attended specific universities or with specific backgrounds companies are effectively cutting their nose off to spite their face and miss profiles that could offer much more than the cut and dry search results can provide.

Another problem with the dawn of social media is the relationship between creating an accurate profile and respecting privacy – and not just in terms of a private home life. Employees may not share online that they are looking for a new position, forcing companies to either cold-call all suitable candidates or to ignore those profiles that are not actively looking for a new position. Additionally companies naturally do not want their employees to be poached by other companies – they may ask candidates to not share aggressively online their achievements. Companies also understandably do not want published some of the achievements or projects managed by employees, such as sales targets achieved or key clients. This is information a candidate may share with a recruitment agency they have a relationship but generally will not publish online, giving those recruiting solely through online platforms an incomplete picture of the employees achievements and competencies.

To this end, it still seems that the tried and tested recruitment agency method has a lot to offer companies looking to ensure they receive the best candidates for the job.

At EnergyPowerLab we specialize in recruitment and training within the energy industry, encompassing renewables, oil and gas, mining, nuclear, and electricity, and can offer recruitment services that provide the whole picture of all possible candidates rather than a select few found online.