Passive Job-Seekers and How to Engage Them

By December 5, 2016Hiring Talents

Recruiting passive job-seekers is known in the staffing world as playing the long game. Passive job-seekers are often the top talent of an industry and the best way to lure them with a new position is by developing a relationship in advance.

By keeping tabs on the professional community you can identify top talent and notify them as soon as the vacancy is open. You keep tabs in a variety of ways – networking events, work relationships, social networking, and LinkedIn.

Your approach is also a little different for passive candidates than active candidates – you’ll need to sell job satisfaction and career growth rather than just more money. Try to find out if there are any roadblocks in their present career and showcase how the position at your firm can help them overcome these challenges.

If this passive candidate recruiting approach is something you have yet to delve into, or don’t believe you have the time for, EnergyPowerLab is ready to help. We make a point to follow our professionals’ careers to help them change careers when the time is right. In this way we save you the time of creating and curating a list of passive candidates to contact when a vacancy appears. We also provided consulting services if you would like to form and promote your own passive job-seeker recruitment method and will help you get started on your long-term recruitment strategies. Don’t hesitate to be in contact with us for all your recruitment and consulting needs.