Our Tips to Attract Best Energy Talents

Hello Energy Industry professionals.

This week we’re targeting our jobseekers with tips to help them snag their dream job easier and faster! Check off these boxes to make sure you’ve covered all your bases when it comes to finding your new job in the energy industry. Contact us if we’re offering a job you know you’d be perfect for, or to be considered for our exclusive candidate database system. This will give you first access for top jobs, sometimes even positions that never see a job announcement. Be in touch with your Energy Power Lab representative as soon as possible to jump start your job hunt!

Our tips for candidates are below, enjoy!

If you have a resume gap – explain it!
This should go without saying, but be prepared to explain your resume gap. You may even include it in your resume. Ex: 2007-2009 maternity leave, stayed at home with the kids. This may seem unprofessional, but it helps us fill in the gaps and keeps us from assuming the worst. What if it is the worst and you were terminated from your last position? This is a gray area – we encourage you to offer us full disclosure and we’ll be following up on your references, but there is often a positive spin on termination, especially in situations where the company was downsizing. In any case no matter how you decide to present your employment gap, share it with us and be prepared to explain it.

Raise your visibility
If you want the recruiters to come to you, raise your visibility! Recruiters with a post to fill search the internet and the industry for the most prominent talent. Get involved on big projects, be active at conferences and trade shows in your sector. Becoming involved in professional or trade organizations is another method. You can also begin penning articles or become a media resource for your industry by contacting journalists when a news cycle’s spotlight is on your industry. Industry experts are often high in demand, especially in the energy field, and by being a reference for an article you’ll raise your online and sector visibility. Finally cultivate a thought leadership space within your sector such as a website, comprehensive social media presence across platforms, or a blog.

Contact Recruitment Agencies Directly
Almost every recruitment agency has their own database that is home to a plethora of well-qualified candidates. Many of these candidates may be happily placed in positions but remain in the database in case an opportunity fitting their profile comes up. Same goes for jobseekers; highly qualified professionals are always in demand, but when the timing is off, submitting your CV and profile to a recruiter to keep in their internal database is a great way to bait your hooks as it were. The more quality lines you have baited the more fish you’re likely to catch. Attack this daunting task first by preparing your resume in full. Then contact your local recruiter (EnergyPowerLab) and ask about current positions for those candidates with your profile. If there are positions open now they can submit your profile for, awesome! If not, ask them what positions they most often fill with candidates whose profiles are similar to your own. Tailor your resume as closely to this match as possible and ask the recruiter to keep it in their database for further reference. Pay close attention to the keywords, mission responsibilities, and technological skills needed and try to match the keywords as best as truthfully possible (don’t just copy the job description in CV form!).

Internal versus External Recruiters?
As an independent candidate you have a better chance at forming a strong and productive relationship with an external recruiter (like EnergyPowerLab Search & Selection) over an internal recruiter. Internal recruiters work directly for the company and are not your friend (yet). They are looking for the best candidate for the job – you should always present your best self and nothing else. With external recruiters, the end goal is the same: that the company decides to hire you. With external recruiters you can strategize a little more about how to present your experience and skills and what the company is looking for. External recruiters can also be your glimpse into the company from “behind the curtain” after your interview. They’ll act as your primary source of information and will help move the hiring process along quickly because they’re looking for their payday too. Once you’ve convinced your external recruiter you’re THE candidate for the job, they’ll go miles to see you placed there.

Once you’ve landed a job through an external recruiter, be sure to follow up with a thank you, and a connect on LinkedIn, as they’ll be happy to follow your career development throughout your life and be waiting on the wings to place you in another position when you are ready to take the next step, or when the dream job appears.