Online Postings & Why You’re Creating More Work

By November 21, 2016Hiring Talents

Getting great people without the use of an agency is labour intensive work. When you post jobs on LinkedIn, especially with the one click option of “Apply Now” you’re setting yourself up for extensive overhead that you don’t need and is unlikely to yield results.

Why? When you submit a job posting for a qualified candidate you are leaving to the candidates to decide whether they are qualified or not. Thanks to this, you’ll spend hours going through resumes trying to determine who is qualified and who is worth the pass, when you could have avoided the step by reversing the search; rather than posting a job and rifling through all the resumes, use LinkedIn to find and handpick candidates who you know are qualified. Make use of LinkedIn Interests and Groups and other field specific sites to find exactly who you’re looking for. Additionally, the energy field is currently experience a high demand for qualified professionals – the odds are not in your favour that the professionals you’re looking for are even clicking your job postings.

Use a personalized approach to reach out to your candidates about your opportunity. Maintain good follow-up correspondence so that when they are in transition they are will contact you.

Playing the long game of quality candidates and relationships will save you time and money over short game tactics every time.

And, if you haven’t got the manpower or time to effectuate this type of search, reach out to us at EnergyPowerLab. We maintain relationships with energy professionals throughout their careers and will be able to minimize your recruitment strain while delivering great matches for your open position and projects.