New Year’s Resolution: Better Market Understanding

By January 9, 2017Hiring Talents

A hiring manager generally has little to no time to really track hiring and firing trends on a daily basis.

But, knowledge of what’s going on in the market is absolutely necessary to expand and develop new departments or positions most efficiently. So, for this reason, we’re resolving to follow the market even better than last year. How have we decided to do that?

To start off, we’re dedicating at least a half hour each Monday to “Morning developments,” or browsing the best market reporting websites for news in the energy industry. We like to follow sources like PR Newswire, Energy Daily, and Breaking Energy. We also love a few recruiting blogs, like Greenhouse and Undercover Recruiter.

By devoting a specified time block to following the markets, we’re getting a more in-depth understanding of what’s going on in the world. Of course, we’re doing this in addition to our Daily Rollup, an email service that sends our industry headlines to our inbox each day, according to our interests. A quick internet search will put you on the fast road to a similar service, of which devoting 5 minutes a day to skim the titles and summaries will help you maintain your market knowledge over the week.