State of industry

It’s no surprise that the global mining sector has endured a difficult few years and, for many mining companies, optimism has been in short supply. Persistently low commodity prices, waning demand, and tightening capital and credit markets have been squeezing the industry, and no one has been immune to the pain. Mining companies of all sizes—from the giants to the juniors—have seen the strong profits of 2011 and 2012 give way to painful losses, and exploration has slowed to a trickle as the industry waits to see if and when the markets begin to cycle upward.

The growth in diversity and asset location in the mining sector poses problems for companies looking to expand their personnel and market reach. The industry is experiencing a high demand for skilled leaders, operators, and engineers with twenty-five countries classified as ‘high-growth’ for mining in 2015.

Hot spots

The experts in the mining sector across all business levels are dispersed across the world – although hot spots for work in mining are centered in developing countries, most notably in Africa, Latin America, China, India, and Russia. Our expatriate network is the perfect solution for finding, screening, and training talent to addto your team.


Companies need employees with strong operational experience, adaptability, and global experience. We are the only firm that can help you identify talent while simultaneously developing these leaders through proven solutions that meet and exceed expectations.

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