In the search for sound governance, knowledge is power

We consider ourselves directly responsible for the performance of the candidates we recommend to you. When we commence working with a candidate we focus first on their knowledge.

What do they know, technically?

Does their education background matchup?

Are they passionate pursuers of continued learning?

While this technical knowledge is important, we strive to provide both sides of the story.

The other side of knowledge is found in experience. On the job learning, “soft” management skills, and how to manage the unexpected are imperative to successful and sound governance; we make it our priority to flesh out all of a candidate’s skills and knowledge before recommending them to you.

How can we do this?
Just as a candidate’s knowledge is important, we’ve found that by cultivating our own team to be equally knowledgeable has been the secret to recruiting success.

In an age and industry where only the best independent recruitment firms can survive, EnergyPowerLab is proud to excel and thrive thanks to our experienced and knowledgeable team.

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