French biogas industry grows 89% in 2017

French biogas industry has practically doubled, registering a growth of 89% in 2017, official data released on Thursday shows.

The quantity of biogas injected into the gas network surged to the equivalent of 406 GWh in 2017, up from 215 GWh in 2016. In turn, the maximum annual capacity rose to 682 GWh at the end of 2017, compared to 410 GWh a year earlier.

Future development looks even more optimistic as 120 new projects, representing 2.6 TWh, entered the development pipeline and reserved a spot in the register for capacities in 2017.

Cumulatively, 361 projects or the equivalent of 8 TWh, have been registered for connection to the gas network to date, matching France’s national target for biogas for 2023.

France also had 548 biogas-fired plants with a combined 423 MW of electricity generation capacity at the end of December 2017.

The  “Panorama du gaz renouvelable”  is accessible here (in French).

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