Entering the Renewable Energy Market?… This is what to look for when hiring a Renewable Energy Professional

Recent studies point to a lack of energy efficient and Renewable Energy professionals because of the lack of the government’s reinforcement of green jobs. Hiring a renewable energy professional can be quite challenging especially within an emerging market. Many employers do not know what to expect from a candidate in terms of knowledge and experience. In light of the coming event hosted by the Energy Powerlab which looks into the management of the renewable energy Market in France, there are very important qualities an employer should seek when hiring a Renewable Energy (RE) professional or Energy Efficient manager.

Demand for experienced and knowledgeable RE experts exists in every industry and renewable energy firms are recognizing there is high competition with various industries depending on their talent acquisition needs. Actually, many firms themselves find that demand for qualified candidates often outweigh supply.
Many firms are joining forces with educational institutions and universities across the globe to provide hands on training for practitioners. Companies have also been looking at ways to incorporate corporate training for existing experienced employees who want to enter the renewable energy field. Others are looking to hire new talent. So what are qualifications and skills an employer can expect from a potential candidate?

Management skills

Business decision-making fundamentals are key for professionals to understand how to create shared value for the company. A professional should possess leadership skills to inspire his colleagues and teams to value the company’s culture within the RE industry.

Knowledge of regulations, standards, and best practices

Possessing a general knowledge of local energy legislation and policies is fundamental to working within legal premises when carrying out large scale energy projects. This encompasses knowledge and experience of national energy reporting systems and local green building standards. Certification and training in management systems such as Environmental Management System ISO 140001 and Energy Management System ISO 50001 can be great credentials to adhere to international standards.

Basic financial skills and knowledge of Life Cycle Costing (LCC)

Investing in RE resources can prove to be quite financially demanding if one does not look at long-term returns. Having a basic understanding of financial decision-making processes and being able to communicate those returns will prove to be very beneficial for both the firm and their clients.

Technical knowledge

Clearly within the RE industry, possessing technical knowledge of renewable energy fundamentals is important. Assessment and verification tools such as energy metrics, energy measurement and verification techniques and protocols are essential to evaluation and monitoring of company’s energy consumption and production.

Research and development skills

The practice of Renewable energy is still a fairly recent market which requires constant monitoring and revision. This demands for continuous research into the field of energy and tried and tested global practices. As new technologies emerge and develop, professionals need to stay up to date with latest cost-effective energy technologies.

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