At EnergyPowerLab we work with businesses to provide talent that is a perfect match across all levels of the company. We help them to cultivate and build competent teams with both technical and conceptual skills, based off their strategic needs.  The ability to recruit, train, and retain employees in the oil, gas, nuclear, mining, and renewable energy industries is more important now than ever.

How we work with management

Niched-markets require specific skill-sets and experiences to fill positions. We provide recruitment solutions across all levels of the organization – including CEO and Board services. To do this we provide executive talent-searches and headhunting to companies so as to fill their specific requirements when searching for executives and engineers.

Succession planning/talent-pool management

Planning for the future is a core-competency that must be developed by organizations looking to achieve long-lasting success in the energy industry. To alleviate this stress, EnergyPowerLab provides succession planning services to companies that hire permanent staff and are looking to groom talent for in-house promotions and development.

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