Are You Losing Candidates: Hiring Process Length

By November 21, 2016Hiring Talents

Thanks to the competitiveness of the energy industry today, it is important that hiring managers have a timeline that is not too drawn out. By the time you are reviewing resumes and contacting candidates you should know exactly what the profile is you want, what you’re willing to spend in terms of salary, relocation expenses, and packages. The waiting delay should only come from making a decision between qualified candidates and awaiting candidate confirmation.

It sounds simple but surprisingly many hiring managers experience communication delays that span over days and weeks between candidates, the manager overseeing the future employee or team member, and themselves. Streamlining the process as much as possible ahead of time is imperative.

Another aid is to involve the person who will be the direct manager from the get go and work with them very closely throughout the process to avoid disconnect between the candidates the hiring manager provides and who ultimately is deemed a fit by the boss.

In this way you can avoid losing your top candidate to other companies, even to competitors who may extend an offer before you do.

Combine a fixed timeframe with keeping your candidates in the loop about where in the recruitment stage they presently are is a sure fire way to reduce candidate loss due to a drawn out recruitment process.