A happier employee means a happier work environment: How to improve employee wellbeing?

By June 13, 2017Blog, Hiring Talents

If your employees are generally moody, tired and demotivated, this week EnergyPowerLab is here to advise you on ways to increase your employee’s wellbeing. Companies with happy and healthy employees relish high levels of productivity and, ultimately, seek healthy long-term profitability.
Millennial especially are looking for more creative, collaborative, exciting, diverse and inclusive environments. Gone are the days where staff members are scared into doing a job properly. Employee wellbeing should be a central area when it comes to building a company’s business strategy. Here are a few ways you can improve employee’s wellbeing and morale, and ultimately productivity, a key component to a successful business:

1- Understanding your company vision and values
By having clear vision and values can help an employee better align their own personal values to the company. A corporate culture which is generally collaborative and centered on philanthropy for instance will ensure a work environment which is well respected by its inhabitants.

2- Natural sunlight
Feeling sluggish and lazy has been linked to poor lighting. It has actually been proven that naturally lit up work spaces increase employee productivity. Not to mention that is one way of saving energy. For example, instead of blocking the space by the windows for the executive’s offices, allow for their offices to be at the center so that all staff can have access to the sunlight.

3- Breathe!
Spaces with proper ventilation allow for more oxygen intake which in turn increases a person’s energy. Find ways to provide natural ventilation for fresh air. During the nice weather, open the windows! Bring in plants to absorb that smelly carbon dioxide.

4- Make it colorful
Even if you are looking for that minimalist white look, bring in some pieces of art! Create a space where employees can get inspired and get creative. The color green reduces stress and promotes calmness.

5- Have a break and have a… coffee?
Bring in snacks to the office once in a while to get that energy going. Nothing more exciting that heading to that pantry and pouring a cup of coffee…make it a good quality one. Also, employees need to relax! Create a relaxing space for employees to kickback and recharge.

Employee wellbeing is central to a successful business. Explore different ideas and get your staff in on it. After all, we do spend a large amount of time of our lives at work. Just make it pleasant!