4 challenges for finding candidates in the energy industry and how to master them

By September 30, 2016Hiring Talents

Graduate recruitment

By 2023 it is expected that in the UK alone the industry will add over 200,000 new jobs. Collegiate recruiting is a hot topic because it offers firms a chance to grab talent straight from the gates at a lower price than recruiting a candidate with a prior work experience but it also requires many hours of legwork recruiting to find candidates that have the potential to fill the candidate profile. This lead us to our second problem which is:

Matching skill sets
In such a highly technical field, finding candidates with matching skill sets is the foundation for a short list of candidates. Even in executive searches, it is imperative to recruit professionals that have relevant background experiences. Compounded with an aging workforce (the average matching engineer profile in terms of skills is already 51 years old!) finding the right skill sets can be a major wrench in a companies HR efforts.


The technology most firms are equipped with is not up to snuff when faced with these human resource challenges. Even recruiters with appropriate databases at their fingertips must devote enormous amounts of time to finding even one suitable candidate. One study found that recruiters spend 22 hours each month manually going through databases.

Market clutter

Recruitment marketing systems today are cluttered. Cross candidatures result in firms seeing all the same people, or seeing their position listed on public job boards. Streamlining the flow of candidates is impossible and makes the process difficult for agencies needing fast results.

Three elements have been identified as the solution to these human resource challenges in the energies sector:

  • Specialization
  • International presence
  • Flexibility


By honing in on exactly what a firm is looking for through a relationship of open communication hiring timelines, change management, and retention are much higher for firms using agencies than recruiting on their own.

Using an agency who tailors their recruiting strategy and pool to the firm allows for better service to both the firm and the candidate. We at EnergyPowerLab consider ourselves a success of this pyramid of services and our success stories are the proof.