3 simple ways to deal with a difficult employee…

By June 13, 2017Blog, Hiring Talents

Nearly every manager can tell you a story about a difficult employee. It is almost an inevitable part of a manager’s professional role. There is always that one employee whose work performance is great but has an awful attitude or one that has a great attitude but can’t seem to grasp onto the work demands. Often times than none, managers feel stuck as they are unable to let that employee go for whichever corporate or legal reason. So, this is for all you managers out there who have to deal with this on daily basis:

1- Listening is key
It is very common that we stop listening or paying attention to what that employee is trying to tell us. Because we have already formed a conception of that employee in our minds, we stop caring. However, it is the best time to carefully listen because sometimes the biggest of conflicts lies in the miscommunication and misunderstanding.

2- Give behavioral feedback
How can you expect an employee to improve if they do not know what they doing wrong… or right? Positive and negative feedback is very important between a manager and her employee. However, just keep it respectful.

3- Document, document, document
Keeping that email that the employee once sent you which clearly showed his lack of respect can serve as a very helpful tool when and if the time comes that he or she has crossed the line.